What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

My name isn't important but my pets names are, they are family and Dr. Austin and her team are amazing. We recently took our elderly cat (Saturn) to not 1 but 3 separate vets to try and find him some help. We were heartbroken because no one could help us. So we turned to Dr. Austin and her team, sadly they did tell us that there wasn't much they could do, but she went down the list and tried everything humanly possible to try and save our cat. She always goes above and beyond, works late hours, takes super early calls. Works us in...she does everything she can....in the end my cat couldn't be saved but she did give him a kiss for us, and let him know that he was very loved. My family is still hurting over the loss of our baby, but Dr. Austin even went as far as texting us that evening to tell us that we were amazing pet owners, and that our cat knew we loved him. Dr. Austin and her team are beyond amazing, they work with not only families but rescues and shelters, doing everything she can for them. I would strongly recommend her and her staff any day of the week. - Sylvia Kasch

The best vet ever.... heart of gold and a love for animals that is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their fur babies to be treated and loved like the family they are. - Dawn Sewell

We absolutely love Austin Veterinary Clinic!! Sara, Leah, and Sean are so good with our Callie girl, and Callie adores them as well! We highly recommend them!! - Erica Copeland

Our dog, Burgh, is high strung. We cannot clip his nails because he is so strong and really doesn't want them clipped. I have asked every vet we have ever been to if they could sedate him to make it easier. They all said no. It takes 4-5 people to hold him down to clip his nails. That doesn't make any of us happy. So I visited Dr. Austin and asked if he could be sedated. I explained why and she agreed to do it! Imagine having a veterinarian who actually listens to the owner. Wow! Mind blown! So now Dr. Austin is our vet and we couldn't be happier. I recommend her to everyone I know. My aunt actually drives her cats down from Raleigh. - Kristy Sartain

What do I like about Austin Veterinary? Everything, they are absolutely amazing! The compassion and caring that this clinic has is amazing! There's nothing not to like about it! I can't imagine having the week we've had without Dr. Austin by my side! - Sarah Lewis